Rescue Company No.2 was placed in service on March 1st, 1925.

Date Moved In
Date Moved Out
160 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn
March 1,1925
October 22, 1929
365 Jay Street, Brooklyn
October 22, 1929
May 1, 1946
160 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn
May 1,1946
July 26, 1985
1472 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
July 26,1985

160 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn was also the Quarters of Engine Company 210.
365 Jay Street, Brooklyn also housed Water Tower Company 6 and the Department Ambulance. It was also the Brooklyn Borough headquarters. Before the incorporation of Brooklyn into the New York City Fire Department, 365 Jay Street was the Headquarters of the Brooklyn Fire Department. It was a very ornate building with a large stone archway.
1472 Bergen Street, Brooklyn is a 25 x 90, 2 story brick building on a 25 x 117 lot. It was the prior home of the Fire Patrol and Engine Co. 234 before their new quarters on St. John’s Street was erected. The building was built in 1921. One of 14 similarly constructed buildings all with ornate wrought iron railings on the roof. It originally housed horses.
Description of 160 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn.
Erected 1913
Size of lot: 25 Ft Front x 100 Ft / deep
Size of Building: 25 Ft Front, 77 Ft 6 inches Ft. deep with a 20 Ft. 2 story extension.
Owned by City
It is a three story and cellar . Constructed of brick walls and wood joist construction. The building has one hose tower running from the cellar to above the roof without hose racks or dryers. One pair of manual siding apparatus doors installed in 1913.
Heating is provided by coal fired Steam Boilers located in the cellar.
Coal bin capacity is 60,000 cu. ft. without an ash hoist.
One manual gasoline pump, manufacturer, Tokheim Oil & Pump Co., is located on the apparatus floor. A 275 gallon tank is located in the cellar.
Facilities include;
1              Built-in locker
71           Metal lockers
0              Wooden lockers
4              Showers
6              Wash stands
6              Bowls
0              Urinals
Description of 365 Jay St. Brooklyn.
Erected 1892
Size of lot: 50 Ft Front x 106 Ft 6 inches / deep
Size of Building: 50 Ft Front, Rear 42 Ft, 103 Ft. deep.
Owned by City
5 story and cellar Romanesque Building with tower, self supporting. Brick walls with steel columns and girders and beams supporting floors. Steel-work fireproofed; with hollow tile arches, 1st floor supported by unprotected steel beams and brick arches. Front roof and tower, wood rafters and roofing with tile covering.
The height of the main building is 85 Ft., with the tower, 126 Ft.
Heating is provided by steam from oil burning boilers in cellar.
2- Steam boilers
Model: #44 Mills Water Tube Sectional Boilers
Make: Made by H.B. Smith – N. Y. C
Equipped with Bergeen Oil Burner 9 TYPE B Mechanical Draft
Hot water supplied by -
Direct current from Edison Co. for power
Alternating current for lighting
Description of 1472 Bergen St. Brooklyn.
Erected 1893
Size of lot:  25 Ft Front x 100 Ft / deep
Size of Building: 25 Ft Front, 77 Ft 6 inches Ft. deep with a 20 Ft. 2 story extension.
Owned by City