Update: Firefighter Robert Weidman Rescue 2

Firefighter Rob Weidman coming out of window.

Firefighter Rob Weidman coming out of

Sunday, December 8, 2013  Its been almost two years since Rob Weidman F.D.N.Y. Rescue 2  and JIm Gersbeck F.D.N.Y. Rescue 2 were severly injured during a top floor brownstone fire on December 19 , 2011. Jim has returned to full duty on Bergen Street riding the backstep , answering alarms and breaking chops. Since being released from the burn center ,  Rob has had numerous procedures done at Cornell Burn Center in Manhattan. The past two years Rob has also gone through alot of physical and occupational therapy on a daily basis.This week Rob will be going to Boston Hospital and Medical Center to have surgery performed on his right hand . This possibly will be the start of future procedures to repair some of the damage that occured in both hands two years ago. The surgery will be performed by renowned Surgeon Dr. Simon Talbot on December 5th , 2013. Please keep Rob and his family in your prayers and thoughts . Again The Officers and Members of Rescue 2 thank all of you for all of your support.

-UPDATE- 12-6-13-  Rob's surgery went well this week on his right hand and is now home recovering. He will be examined again with in the next 10 days and then re-evaluated for possibly up to six more procedures. This is a long and slow process as Rob continues to heal from his injuries and multiple surgeries.



Rescue 2's Christmas Party

To All Present , Former members and their families . Rescue 2's  Christmas Party will be held Sunday , December 15th , 12 noon. at the firehouse. Please call the firehouse to sign up or for more details.



Box 771 Second Alarm

Sunday, December 1, 2013 14:10hrs Rescue 2 responded to 17 Menahan Street for a  fire in the basement of a 4 story brick. The fire in the basement was quickly knocked down but also extended in between the basement ceiling and first floor. Extensive overhaul was needed . The trucks cut the flooring to access and finish putting out pockets of fire. All searches were negative.



Box 3963 Second Alarm - Thanksgiving Night

Type of Building

Type of Building

Thursday, November 28, 2013 20:33hrs Rescue 2 responded to 2525 Church Ave. due to numerous calls. The 41 Battalion transmitted the 10-75 for heavy smoke in the area trying to determine which building was on fire. The 41 Battalion then directed all companies to Martense street between Bedford Ave. and Rogers for a buiding fire on the top floor. The location was 154 Martense Street for fire on the top floor of the 20 x 60 attached building. Companies had heavy fire located in the top floor apartment . Reports from the roof team had heavy fire in the cockloft  thru the vent hole that was cut and out the rear windows. Engine 248  advanced a line into the top floor apartment knocking the fire down. All searches were negative - probally will hold was giving at at 21:02 hrs.



Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 27, 2013  The Officers and Men of F.D.N.Y.Rescue 2 wish all of you and your families A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.



Box 890 Brownstone

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 08:26hrs Rescue 2 responded to 324 Decatur St for a fire in the cellar of a brownstone. Fire was knocked down quickly with slight extension to the first floor. All searches were negative.



Box 2585 Man Under Train

Monday, November 11, 2013  Rescue 2 responded to Fort Hamilton Pkwy and Newutrecht Ave for a person under a train. One victim was confirmed pinned underneath the truck of the train. Rescue 2 and Squad used a 20 ton bottle jack and cribbing  to do a train  lift  to free one male victim.



Box 1308 Subway Rescue

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 02:39hrs Rescue 2 responded to 4th Ave. and 9th Street for reports of a live body on top of a subway train. One male victim was found on top of the subway with severe head trauma. He was packaged , removed from the top of the train and turned over to E.M.S.

A teenage subway “surfer” was seriously injured when he struck his head on a steel beam while riding atop an F train in Brooklyn Tuesday, police said.

Isa Islam, 17, of Brooklyn, was rushed to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition after the 2:20 a.m. accident.


Isa smacked into a beam as the southbound train traveled between the Smith-Ninth St. and Fourth Ave. stations, police said.


It was the second such accident in a week,

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/brooklyn-subway-surfer-smacks-head-steel-beam-article-1.1506946#ixzz2k1UOvfEm



Box 1063 Car into Building -Person Pinned

Sunday, November 3, 2013 19:41hrs Rescue 2 responded for a 53x box - Car into Building person trapped at Lincoln Place and Nostrand Ave. A female driver lost control and the car went thru a front vacant store front. The victim was not pinned and Rescue 2 used the side winch off the rig to pull the vehicle out of the building. The structure was checked for stability and the buildings Dept. notified.



Box 2932 Fatal Fire

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 03:40hrs Rescue 2 responded to 848 East 15th Street, Flatbush section for a fire in a two story private dwelling. 2nd alarm was transmitted for fire in the rear on the first and second floor of the 20 x 40 two story p.d. 5 10-45's were giving one code 1 , one code2 and three code 4's.

91-Year-Old Woman and Son Killed in Flatbush Fire, Police Say
FLATBUSH — A 91-year-old woman and her 63-year-old son were killed in a huge fire in their Flatbush home early Wednesday, officials said.

Another three people were hurt in the fire that was sparked by a damaged space heater cord about 3:30 a.m. and quickly consumed the home on East 15th Street, blocks from Brooklyn College, the FDNY said.

"The downstairs door to the house was open, but it was all fire. I tried to kick the second floor door three or four times, but it wouldn’t open," said neighbor, Intazar Ali Dar, 55.

The woman, who neighbors said was a great-grandmother, died at the scene, the NYPD said. Her son, a church deacon and grandparent himself, was rushed to Kings County Hospital and pronounced dead, police and neighbors said.

"There was too much burns. His hand was burned. His feet were burned," Dar said.

"They put him on a stretcher. They tried to do chest compressions, but he wasn't moving. Then they took him away."

Three other residents were treated for their injuries, which were described as minor, at Maimonides Medical Center, officials said.

Their identities were not immediately released.

It took more than 100 firefighters an hour to finally bring the blaze under control. It devastated the home of the extended family that lived there, neighbors and the FDNY said.

People raced out of the house as flames and smoke poured from the windows and doors, witnesses said. Dar raced over to his neighbors' flaming home, hoping to help, he said.

"The fire was too high. My son said, ‘Dad, don’t go inside. There’s too much fire.’ I ran to the back," he said.

There, Dar saw another bloodied-man carrying out a baby and another woman who lived there, he said.

Neighbors said the mother and son, a former cab driver with a baby grandson, were deeply religious and major figures in their church community.



Fatal Fire - midwood


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